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Planting trees for a greener future

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To strive for the quality of our living environment through active awareness of sustainable growth to the people of India, is the agenda from our organization.

We recognize that planting a tree today is the easiest and cheapest way to fight climate change. We keep it simple; plant fruit trees with marginal farmers. Heres why

  • Marginal farmers have smaller land holdings, which yield less produce and less money
  • Lesser yield for the farmer may result in the threat of food insecurity
  • Food insecurity leads to malnutrition especially in women and children
  • Loss of green cover and ill planned cultivation has resulted in water sources drying up in and near villages
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One of the key objectives that we set out was to not only increase the green and forest cover for India but positively impact marginal farmers by increasing output from their homesteads.

Following is a brief of our activities from date of incorporating:

We have been busy from day one talking to children, volunteers, farmers, administrators to spread awareness about the environment and the importance of trees.

We are proud to have addressed students of Moravian Institute, Delhi Public School and Kasiga school and Nanhi Duniya. We have spoken to more than 2500 students till date. And Planted more than 500 saplings with school students in their campuses.

We are passionate about greening the earth and supporting our farmers. We planted 1000 trees with farmers in Dehradun district in 2018. We continued to monitor these trees for the whole year and finally started preparing farmers in in the villages of relatively remote villages in Tehri Garhwal and came up with a plan to plant 11000 trees in these villages. Saplings include apricot, walnut, plum, pear, papaya, and lemon. We are on track to achieve our target and more. We were graced with the presence of young environmentalist Ms Licypriya Kangujam and His Excellency Mr. Klaus Molin, Swedens ambassador to India.

Saplings planted till date: 12000.

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